Our Advisory Board Members:

Our Board is made up of volunteers from the community who come together once a month to give us advice on how to better serve the whole person in Jasper County.  We are thankful for each one of them and anyone else who would like to serve in this capacity.

Jan Austin (2007), Past Co-Chairperson 16-18

Jim Beeler (2012)

Jim Austin (2007)

Danette Bray (2002), Past Co-Chairperson 16-18

Ron Brewer (2017), Co-Chairperson 2019

Colin Clary (17)

Dave Evans (1993)

Dr. Conrad Gubera  (1993)

Pastor Russ Hibbard

Vance Lewis (2017), Co-Chairperson 2019

Kathy Smith (2018)

Michael Wiggins (2016)

Life Members:

William Harding