Giving of your time to the community is very valuable.  We have many opportunities on our volunteer website.  If you go to the red "volunteer" on our main page you will be directed to our website with the list of current opportunities.  Below is a story from one of our current volunteers.  You will be inspired as you read.  Don't forget ... if you don't see something you are interested in ... send me an email at: and I will be happy to work with you and your gifts to serve God and the community through The Salvation Army.  Thank you for visiting our volunteer page!

Meet one of our kind and caring volunteers!

Jane is recognized by The Salvation Army as a faithful volunteer, a member of Calvary Chapel of Joplin who partners with us, who puts community first to honor God and His Kingdom.

Jane Ashley is a blessing to our ministry and our weekly outreach at The Salvation Army. Jane has been serving every Saturday with CCJ as we prepare and serve the lunch tray since 2013 and has become a picture of true service and devotion to the calling God has put on her life. Jane has attended CCJ for many years and was involved in many things but no area of service seemed to be a good fit until The Salvation Army outreach came into Jane's life.

Jane helps prepare the menu and the meal itself each Saturday and is very insistent that the tray have a balance and a nutritional value that she knows is best for a successful day. She also serves we deliver food for The Salvation Army on a weekly Mobile meals program. This program started in the fall of 2014 and has grown from a few dozen dinners to 125-150 per week. She has taken her rightful place as “grandma” to the crowd that gathers for the feeding programs and is more than willing to give advice, offer a prayer, give a hug of encouragement, or sometimes if needed a gentle yet firm scolding if someone is acting out of line.

God places people in specific spots with very specific talents and Jane is a beautiful example of someone who is willing to step up and be a light and a smile in someone’s life that may have fallen on hard times. We are so thankful for Jane’s service for the Lord to our community.