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We combat natural disasters with acts of God Image

We combat natural disasters with acts of God

Disasters of incredible magnitude call for people of incredible generosity.

When disaster strikes, we'll be there 


the salvation army was there for us. All of us.

The Salvation Army showed up when the hurricane took everything. My house, my family, my cat. everything was gone -- even my memories. The ray hope was the Salvation Army canteen that fed us, hugged us and stayed until things were stable again. I don't know how we would have survived without them.

How we help disaster survivors 

We're here for you,  every step of the way, when a disaster strikes. Here's how: 

Food Service

When disaster strikes, one of the first signs that help is on the way is often the arrival of a Salvation Army mobile feeding unit, offering meals, snacks and drinks to rescue workers and survivors. Our canteen is provided substance to meet that need. 

Emotional and Spiritual Care

Motivated by Christian faith, our local Emergency Disaster Service team provides emotional and spiritual support to those affected by disasters. 

Disaster Social Services

After a family has lost everything in a disaster, we'll be there to provide emergency assistance to help meet survivors immediate needs such as food, food and provide resources for clothing, shelter and medical services.

Want to join our local Emergency Disaster Service Team? Call Lt. Rachel @ 742-0006