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Why the Uniform Image

Why the Uniform

The Salvation Army’s military style is rooted in the militaristic spirit prevalent in the mid-1800s, when William and Catherine Booth founded the organization.  This organizational style has proven effective in making the Army a highly disciplined and mobile organization, able to respond quickly and efficiently to human need whenever and wherever it arises.

The uniform also finds its roots in the culture of its founding and continues to serve as a witness to the Salvationist’s commitment to serving God and man.  Today, The Salvation Army’s uniform is recognized as a symbol of commitment and a sign of availability and accessibility in times of need or crisis.  Salvation Army officers wear the uniform when they are on duty in the corps, the office, or the community.  Many soldiers (members of The Salvation Army Church) routinely wear their uniform on Sunday mornings as an expression of their trust in Jesus Christ.  Don't feel intimidated by those wearing a Salvation Army uniform - they're the people who would love to meet you!