The Weekly Word - A Devotion for the Week of December 26

Dec 23, 2022

While we give year-round, there’s no greater time of giving than during the Christmas season. People’s hearts seem to be bigger whether or not their bank accounts are.

Perhaps it’s just the season that wraps its arms around us—making us feel and experience a stronger connection to God as well as one another so we are more open to giving and helping others.

Whatever the case, it’s real. We see the greatest outpouring of love and blessings from the community during Christmas. Your gifts to the communities where you live help in so many ways – making sure people have heat as well as food on the table and gifts to share with one another during the holidays.

We have a responsibility to steward everything we’ve been given. This includes our time, our money, our talents and our possessions.

When we give sacrificially, it’s an act of worship that is pleasing to the Lord. So, let’s think about others in need and not hold back from doing good when we’re able – at Christmas and throughout the year.

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