The Weekly Word - A Devotion for the Week of November 28

Nov 26, 2022

You have undoubtedly made at least one bad decision in your life (and probably more than one). Sometimes we suffer the immediate consequences of a bad decision; other times it can take weeks or even years for the ramifications of a poor choice to impact our life.

Making bad decisions is a fact of being human; however, we can mitigate the number of bad decisions we make over our lifetime by seeking the counsel of others as we consider our choices. Like the President, who surrounds himself with a cadre of advisers – each an expert in a particular area of government and policy – the key to our own good decision-making is knowing who to consult. Not just anyone will do. As this verse from Proverbs suggests, we would be wise to consult with a wide range of advisers. Yet we must also choose our advisers with discernment.

This might mean seeking the sage advice of an elder who has a breadth of life experiences, as well as someone younger who could offer fresh insight or a unique viewpoint. We should also seek counsel from those we trust and who have our best interests in mind. The best advisers are those who speak the truth to us – even when it’s not what we want to hear. Above all, we should open the ears of our heart to our supreme Counselor, the Holy Spirit, who will make straight our paths (Proverbs 3:6).

Failure is a fact of life, to be sure. But seeking the wise counsel of advisers will help keep us moving in the right direction.

Gracious God I admit, sometimes I make decisions all on my own, pridefully assuming I know exactly what’s best for me. The next time I am faced with a decision, please help me turn toward the people who can guide me with wisdom, truth and grace. Above all, help me tune my ears and heart to You, Lord, so that I may hear and heed your wise counsel. Amen.

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