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Hunger Doesn’t Take a Holiday
November 1, 2019
In Illinois, 1 in 7 residents is at risk of going hungry today. This is especially painful at Thanksgiving, when food, family, and faith are intertwined.
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Hazmat Suits and a Big Heart
October 11, 2019
Meet Ann Wilson, a Well Being Responder with The Salvation Army who makes sure the city’s elderly population is alive and well -- and valued.
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Longing for a Place to Call Home
October 1, 2019
As Eric and Emani's story shows, homelessness is complex -- and often doesn't look like we think it will.
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National Commander Wraps “Fight for Good Tour” in Chicago
September 20, 2019
Commissioner David Hudson finished his three-city tour in Chicago with visits to the Shield of Hope and Freedom Center.
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