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How Ringing Bells for The Salvation Army Changed My Life
October 16, 2019
One woman who put money in his kettle changed the trajectory of Jim Moehling’s life
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86 (and Counting) Years of Gracious Living
September 12, 2019
Oakbrook Center volunteer Marilyn Arnold teaches others the lost art of etiquette – and why it’s important
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The Surprising Gift Cancer Gave Officer Wendy Faundez
August 2, 2019
After a three-year battle with thyroid cancer and subsequent health issues, Captain Faundez is finally strong -- and has a new sense of purpose.
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A Pied Piper for Jesus
July 10, 2019
The moving story of 81-year-old Oak Lawn resident Rita Stober, who's a regular at The Salvation Army’s Seniors Camp
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