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The assurance of ongoing revenue from recurring gifts reduces costs and empowers The Salvation Army to expand our services further and faster. Your monthly giving makes an impact, increases your compassion, and allows us initiate and sustain larger and more effective outreach and programs throughout your local community all year long. 

While we are grateful for each one-time gift, every dollar donated monthly can double our ability to Do the Most Good across every zip code in greater Chicago, northern Illinois, and northwest Indiana.

Your monthly gift through Army of Hope expands services further and faster

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The Jones Family

Over 40 million people battle poverty every day. For many families, working multiple jobs and living paycheck to paycheck, it's still not enough to pay rent, provide for children, and put food on the table. 

The Golie Family

Each year, The Salvation Army serves millions of men, women and children around the world. We take a holistic approach to fighting poverty, helping relieve immediate circumstances, addressing root causes, and putting those most in need on a path toward hope.

Overcoming Poverty

When addiction renders parents unable to care for their families, children often pay the price. By prematurely taking on adult roles, such as caring for siblings, kids can lose the opportunity to experience youth for themselves.

Empower Youth

A child at risk means a child stricken of their youth. Hiding inside for fear of violence and growing up before they've had a chance to be a child. For us, Doing the Most Good means allowing a child to experience childhood. It means providing a safe place to dream, to explore their future through music, the arts, athletics, friendships, and the chance to simply be a kid.

Overcoming Addiction

Addiction steals everything. Trust, integrity, family, career, and hope. For us, Doing the Most Good means healing the whole person. Healing the body through rehabilitation, inspiring the mind through education and counseling, repairing the spirit by reuniting families, and restoring communities.


Fighting Disasters

Disaster hits on all levels, globally, locally - in many forms. A fire, a flood, a tornado, a pandemic. And Doing the Most Good means being there first and staying throughout. In every ZIP code we are supporting not only the survivors but also the first responders sacrificing everything for someone else. And we don't leave when the disaster is over because this is our neighborhood too.