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Bed & Bread Club: Restoring Hope in Chicagoland Image

Bed & Bread Club: Restoring Hope in Chicagoland

A monthly membership in the Bed & Bread Club helps bring hope to the hopeless, and change for those who once thought it impossible.

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The Bed & Bread Club is a monthly giving program dedicated to fighting hunger and homelessness throughout our community.

When you pledge to give, you’re not just providing food and shelter, you’re offering second chances.

After completing her Certified Nursing Assistant courses, Alana was ready to start supporting her two children – Vince and Amber. Unfortunately, she was having difficulty finding employment. With Christmas quickly approaching, Alana worried she would not be able to provide her children with a traditional holiday meal or toys. That’s when she turned to The Salvation Army.

Because of our Bed & Bread Club supporters, we were able to register Alana for our Christmas Assistance program, which helps more than 23,000 Chicagoland families each year. We provided Alana a full Christmas dinner box with a turkey, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, cranberry sauce, dessert and more. In addition, we ensured Vince and Amber would have toys and gifts to open on Christmas morning.

“It is so special that people who don’t even know us go out of their way to make sure we have presents on Christmas,” Alana says. “They don’t have to, but they make sure we’re happy. And I appreciate it!”

How Can Joining the Bed & Bread Club Make a Difference?

Your gifts ensure The Salvation Army has the resources to provide shelter, food, clothing, counseling,
and medical care for anyone who walks through our doors.


men, women and children helped through the Evangeline Booth Lodge

The Evangeline Booth Lodge is a haven for 702 men, women and children who have found themselves suddenly homeless. We provide them with lodging, food, clothing and other aid as needed.


beds available nightly at our Shield of Hope facility

Our Shield of Hope facility provides 75 beds to families on a nightly basis in family bedrooms. There are also accommodations for up to 125 emergency shelter situations.


meals served to seniors, children and families

When it comes to fighting hunger, Bed & Bread Club supporters ensure we can serve more than 87,800 meals across metropolitan Chicago through our feeding programs.


instances of emergency assistance

Each year, we provide more than 26,000 instances of emergency assistance with rent and mortgage, clothing, transporation, utilities and medications.

Join the Bed & Bread Club

As a Bed & Bread Club member, your support ensures The Salvation Army can provide safe shelter and nutritious meals to people all across Chicagoland, including families staying in our new Shield of Hope center.

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Our doors are always open.

Our emergency shelters and transitional living centers provide housing, food, and overnight lodging for homeless families and the homeless. Through our holistic approach to serving the whole person, we supplement every shelter service with emotional and spiritual support.

If you or a loved one are facing hunger or homelessness, please call 311, The City of Chicago will contact us for placement.

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