The Salvation Army Booth Manor 
1500 W. Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60607-1801 
Phone: (312) 243-1271 

Caring For Low-Income Older Adults 
Eleanor was like so many of today's older adults. A widow, she was left with only a small monthly social security check to take care of all her needs. Her children, who live in other regions of the country, had their family responsibilities. They could not help her financially or make room for her in their homes.

Living alone, Eleanor found it impossible to stretch her meager income to cover the cost of rent, utilities, food and medicines. She could barely afford a cramped, inadequate apartment. But, worse, she was alone all day, with time weighing heavy on her hands. She had outlived many of her closest friends, as well as her husband. Who wouldn't become depressed and lonely in such circumstances.


The Salvation Army is committed to providing older adults like Eleanor with the finest care and the comfortable living arrangements they deserve. To meet the growing need for safe, affordable housing for the low-income seniors in our community, we built and maintain Booth Manor at 1500 W. Madison Street in Chicago.

Today, Eleanor not only has her own apartment at The Salvation Army Booth Manor, but she is happily involved in its many daily activities for residents. She's made new friends, and a whole new world of opportunity has opened to her. 

In Cooperation With HUD 
Booth Manor is a residence built by The Salvation Army for older adults eligible for subsidized housing under U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines. 
With a capacity of 58, the residence provides safe, affordable housing. Residents rent private apartments, which they furnish and decorate as they desire. 

Who Can Be A Resident? 
The residence is for older adults who are able to live independently and care for themselves in their own living arrangements. 
They must meet federal income requirements to qualify for subsidized housing. They also must be residing in Chicago when they apply to secure an apartment. 

Is An Apartment Immediately Available? 
Usually the residence if fully occupied. However, an older adult can apply to be on The Salvation Army Booth Manor apartment waiting list. 

Are The Apartments Furnished? 
Most residents have furnishings from their previous homes and prefer to bring these to set up their apartments. Depending on the need, assistance with furnishing an apartment is available.

Are The Apartments Handicap Accessible? 
The entire facility is handicap-accessible, including the individual apartments. An emergency bell is also located in each apartment to alert the staff when needed. 

Educational Activities 
A variety of classes, workshops, seminars and programs featuring topics of interest give residents an opportunity to continue learning. 

Arts And Crafts 
Residents are encouraged to use their talents and skills in many creative activities, such as ceramics and painting. They take pride in their accomplishments and in teaching one another new skills. 

Laundry Facilities 
A convenient 24-hour laundry facility is available to all residents. 

Residents Lounge 
An attractively decorated air-conditioned lounge provides opportunity for the residents to gather for companionship, conversation, games and a variety of social activities. 

Social Events 
Daily, weekly and monthly social events such as visits to shopping malls, field trips, parties, celebrations and other activities give residents an outlet for their energies and interests. Spiritual and guidance counseling is also available.


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