Fight for Good

Mar 19, 2019

Our officers, staff and volunteers are on the front lines serving our neighbors most in need.

We’re helping hard-working families across the greater Chicagoland area who struggle to put food on the table, make rent and keep the heat on every day. We’re supporting thousands of children who live in poverty in our own neighborhoods. We bring hope to those who have lost everything in a fire, flood, tornado or other disaster.

In fact, The Salvation Army serves more than half a million people every year in Chicago and the closest surburbs with important services such as shelter, meals, child care, disaster services, substance abuse rehabilitation, Christmas and more. But most of all, we give hope.

And it’s our generous supporters – donors, volunteers and board members – who make this fight possible. With every gift of money or time, a life is impacted. A child goes to camp. A family stays in their home. A man finds sobriety.

The Fight for Good is an ongoing fight to bring love, compassion, understanding and happiness to our friends, neighbors and community.

Read more about the Fight for Good in our 2018 Greater Chicagoland Annual Report. Learn how you can join the fight:

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