Hope in the Midst of Winter Gloom

Jan 2, 2019

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

We all have dreams. We dream of being successful or being happy. We dream about finding love and living a stress-free life. But the homeless in our community dream of simply surviving another night on the street.

Since opening early last year, Shield of Hope, the nation’s first emergency homeless assessment and rapid-response center (EHARC), has helped an average of 300 families (450 people) a month. In fact, the average length of stay for these families is about 9 days before our staff can help them find more permanent shelter options. The staff also help an additional 200 people not staying at Shield of Hope to find shelter.

“The Shield of Hope is designed to provide a home-like atmosphere for families,” says Antwanette, The Salvation Army’s Shield of Hope Shift Monitor. “The Shield of Hope is more than temporary shelter. It is an entry point into the greater menu of Salvation Army programs designed to help people through crisis and set them up to better navigate their future.”

Our Shield of Hope facility has 20 bedrooms (accommodating up to 75 people) with private bathrooms and personal storage. There is a study room for boys and girls to work on homework and other projects, laundry rooms and a play area for children.

In addition to providing the basics – shelter, food and warmth – our larger, holistic mission is that within this facility, families will be able to find a sense of security, to recover their dignity and self-worth, and to discover hope for a better future. For more information or to learn how you can support this mission, visit Shield of Hope.


Join Andrea Chapman (Shield of Hope Director) and Antwanette Standberry (Shift Monitor), as they talk about the amazing work being done at the Shield of Hope.



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