The Salvation Army Helps Those Impacted by Winnebago County Flooding

Mar 27, 2019

Salvation Army Metro Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) are providing assistance throughout the Midwest following widespread flooding.

In Winnebago County, Illinois, where an estimated 700 homes were directly impacted by floodwaters from the Rock River, Salvation Army EDS staff and volunteers arrived on March 23 to offer feeding services from their mobile canteen. On that first day alone, they served 260 meals, 1,226 snacks, and 863 beverages.

EDS staff also distributed 49 flood kits to help residents with their cleanup efforts. Each kit contains a 5-gallon bucket, sponges, brooms, FEMA-approved cleaning supplies, gloves, garbage bags, and other materials.

Government officials in the area warn that floodwaters will be slow to recede, especially with rain continuing in the forecast. Salvation Army EDS staff will remain in the area, assessing the situation and offering food and supplies as needed.

Additionally, Chicago Metro EDS delivered 500 flood cleanup kits to Omaha, Nebraska EDS and 120 flood kits to Salvation Army staff in Kansas and Western Michigan in the past week to help with their flood response as well.

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