Truck Full of Essentials Donated to Salvation Army Clients

Feb 10, 2020

The Salvation Army is equipped with tens of thousands of pairs of undergarments to provide to the homeless, thanks to the generosity of three local organizations.

Twenty-four pallets of underwear and socks were delivered to The Salvation Army Freedom Center in West Humboldt Park.

“Often we think about people needing hats, gloves, coats, scarves for the winter. But we don’t think about all year long, homeless and folks in poverty have a very difficult time getting underwear, particularly women and small children,” said Major Nancy Powers, Freedom Center program development officer. “Often times, they’re going to go without. And that’s very difficult for a woman to not have underwear when she needs hygiene products as well. So this is an unbelievable gift. This allows people to feel whole again. And it gives them some dignity.”

Forman Mills, a discount fashion retailer, donated all of the new underwear and socks. The Chicago Wolves contacted their official moving partner, Mid-West Moving & Storage, to assist in the transportation of the undergarments. Mid-West Moving & Storage donated the time, labor, and a truck to transport the clothing from three separate locations to the Freedom Center.

“We are so excited to have had this opportunity brought to our attention so that we could help The Salvation Army with this amazing donation,” said Kari-Ann Ryan, corporate brand ambassador for Mid-West Moving & Storage. “Whenever possible, we find the capacity within our organization to utilize our ‘Delivering Goodwill’ initiatives and continue to extend our generosity for projects, donations, charity and more. ‘Always giving back to our community’ is an important part of our mission.”

“When The Salvation Army asked us for a referral to our moving partner, we were happy to oblige,” said Jon Sata, senior vice president for the Chicago Wolves. “Little did we know how impactful this introduction would be to our community. Through the generosity of time, donation and service, Forman Mills and Mid-West Moving & Storage are making a significant impact through this event. The Chicago Wolves are proud of the work The Salvation Army does every day in our neighborhoods. We remain committed to our partnership in any way that we can help.”

The clothing will be distributed to clients at the Freedom Center and on the mobile outreach unit, which makes nearly 30 stops daily to feed and offer case management services to homeless individuals. The Salvation Army has contacted a number of local homeless shelters and substance use disorder treatment facilities that will also share a portion of the clothing with their clients.

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