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As long as there's The Salvation Army, <br />there's no such thing as 'no place to go.'

The Salvation Army supports and cares for people of all ages.

Through programs designed to address the mind, body and soul, we meet the needs of adults of all ages.

We help adults overcome substance abuse, get out of poverty, and start over.

Through programs designed to address the mind, body and soul, we meet the needs of adults of all ages.

The Salvation Army provides shelter for more than 1,000 people every night.
The Salvation Army helps adults in every stage of life address crises and identify pathways to success while providing them with love and hope.

You can help adults in your community.

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The Salvation Army provides resources and support for adults in our communities through:

Homelessness Prevention & Emergency Assistance Programs

The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance to help with mortgage/rent, utility bills, clothing, medication bills, and other needs in order to keep families in their homes. For more information or support, find a location near you, or learn more online.

Senior Apartments

Booth Manor Senior Residences, in Chicago's West Loop, provides attractive, low-income apartments and supportive services for seniors on fixed incomes.

Pathway of Hope

A comprehensive case management system to help families identify barriers to self-sufficiency (unemployment, insecure housing, lack of job skills, lack of childcare, etc), Pathway of Hope also provides guidance on how to address these barriers, and connects families with community support organizations, and more.

Job Training

The Salvation Army offers job skills training and employment referrals for adults. This program is included in the substance rehabilitation program, and through some Salvation Army community centers.

Shield of Hope

The nation's first Emergency Homeless Assessment and Response Center to address the needs of families in crisis, the Shield of Hope can provide shelter for up to 75 people. The Salvation Army staff help families identify more stable living situations within 14 days. Upon their move, families are connected with community support services to better navigate their futures.

Evangeline Booth Lodge

The Evangeline Booth Lodge is an emergency shelter for families with children who suddenly become homeless due to eviction, disasters, domestic violence, stranded while traveling, or other crises. Booth Lodge can accommodate as many as 60 families each night. In just one year, Booth Lodge provided shelter for 1,085 men, women and children.

Harbor Light

The Harbor Light is an intense, inpatient substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program. One of the most respected programs in the country, Harbor Light provides transitional services and employment training to help clients overcome their addiction and successfully transition back into their communities.

Adult Rehabilitation Centers

The Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide intense work-based substance abuse therapy for a minimum of six months. Clients live onsite and work in Salvation Army thrift stores, while participating in a full range of treatment programs.

Pathway Forward

The Salvation Army assists incarcerated men and women transitioning from prison to the community with the Pathway Forward program. Clients undergo counseling, access training programs and learn to reconnect with their families and communities.

Senior Well-Being Checks

The Salvation Army partners with the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) to provide well-being checks for seniors in Chicago. A worker will be sent out to check on the senior and help link the senior to needed services. To request a senior well-being check, call the DFSS Senior Services Division at 312-744-4016.

Grandparents or Older Relatives Raising Children Program

The Salvation Army partners with the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) to provide services to adults 55 and older who are caring for a relative child under 18 or a loved one with a disability. The services offered include support groups, individual and family counseling, educational programs, and financial assistance to help with essential needs for the children. Call the DFSS Senior Services Division at 312-744-4016 for a referral.

Partner Abuse Intervention

The Salvation Army offers a Partner Abuse Intervention Program for adults who have perpetrated physical, verbal or social abuse on their partners. The program helps men identify their abusive patterns, become accountable for the behavior, and learn how to interact with their partners in non-abusive ways. The program is open to those who must receive court-mandated treatment, as well as those looking to stop the behaviors before the police and court system get involved. Call 773.960.3292 for more information.

Mobile Feeding & Homeless Outreach

The Salvation Army makes more than 25 stops every day to provide hot meals, case management, and mental health and substance abuse services to the homeless with our Mobile Outreach program. We are ready to assist those interested in leaving the streets. Download the Mobile Outreach schedule.

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We're there when you have nobody to turn to.

The Salvation Army offers programs to provide hope when you feel hopeless.

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Fathers are an important part
of a family.

Children in homes without fathers are almost four times as likely to be poor. They're also at greater risk of physical violence, gang involvement and teen pregnancy.

The Salvation Army's Fatherhood in Action program helps fathers take a more active role in their children's lives. Help keep families connected.


Poverty doesn't have to be generational.

The Salvation Army's Pathway of Hope program works to break the cycle of poverty and find ways to be successful.

Families who complete the program see an average increase in income of $4,000 per year. Help families rise above.


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