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Get Creative. Have Fun. Raise Funds. Image

Get Creative. Have Fun. Raise Funds.

EVENTS: Get Creative, Have Fun, Raise Money

Remember to mention up front:

I have set a personal goal to raise $_______ before this year’s River Ride. Here’s how you can help me:

  1. Please make checks payable to the Salvation Army and note “River Ride” on the memo line) You will receive a tax deductible letter and thank you.
  2. Donate online by visiting my personal fundraising page at (insert page URL here)


Use What You Know

Have a car wash or host a rummage sale. Are you an awesome gardener? Great at scrapbooking? Offer a class for a fee.

Host a Training Ride

Help fellow Riders get ready for September by hosting a training ride. Charge a nominal fee. You’ll need to plan your route, figure out the logistics, get the word out, and gather some water and snacks. Then, it’s time to set off.

Game night

Provide snacks and beverages. Charge a small admission fee at the door. Have a lot of games to choose from? Take additional donations, allowing the person who gives the most to choose what to play first.

Tournament Time

Host a tournament of your choice: Horseshoes, Basketball, Softball, Bowling, Trivia, Karaoke

Scavenger Hunt

On bikes or off, put together a fun race to find the clues and finish first. Offer a small prize.

Dueling Yard Sales

Team up with a friend or another team to see who can raise the most.

Rockin’ For a Reason

Get your band (or enlist some musical friends) to play a show to raise funds.

BINGO night

Put together some fun prizes and enjoy an afternoon or evening of this iconic game.

Partner with your Favorite Establishment

Host lunch, dinner or happy hour at your favorite restaurant or bar… ask for a percentage of sales or work for tips.

Manicures and Makeovers

Paired with snacks and beverages, beauty is on the menu for an afternoon of fun!

The sky is truly the limit! Be creative and have fun while raising money for a great cause. No matter what you decide, be sure to share your event with us so we can help you get the word out.