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STOP-IT 2018 Giving Tree Image

STOP-IT 2018 Giving Tree

Gift an item from a survivor's wishlist by choosing a tag from our 2018 STOP-IT Angel Giving Tree!

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STOP-IT 2018 Giving Tree

Got Gratitude? Pay it Forward by Giving to Survivors of Human Trafficking! 

Giving back is more crucial than ever. Want to contribute to something special? Gift an item from a survivor's wishlist by choosing a tag from our 2018 STOP-IT Angel Giving Tree!

How? It’s easy, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Register for the Salvation Army STOP-IT Angel Giving Tree by signing up with your name and email at http://stopitprogram.theangelgivingtree.org/. 
  2. Choose a program participant from STOP-IT’s 2018 Angel Giving Tree. Each tag represents a different participant in our caseload. If the participant's tag includes children, we ask that you plan to give at least one gift to each person listed in the household. Please limit your gifts to $50 for each person listed in the household. If a specific amount for a gift card is listed in a tag, please stick to that amount. 
  3. Add the participant you wish to donate to into your Angel Wish List. You may select several participants if you are feeling extra generous! 
  4. Once you are finished selecting everyone you would like to donate to, click on the Reserve button to officially select them as your gift recipients. Please reserve your tags by December 1, 2018.
  5. Send your unwrapped gifts or coordinate a time to drop them off to The Salvation Army STOP-IT Program at 4800 N. Marine Drive, Chicago, IL 60640 by December 12, 2018. 

STOP-IT Angel Giving Tree

But wait, there's more. Our drop-in participants could use items like thermoses and smaller gift cards to fast food restaurants, in addition to $25 gift cards you see as individual tags on the tree. Take a look at our full drop-in wish list and send us an email at stop-it@usc.salvationarmy.org if you'd like to contribute more!