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Metro Music Camp

Metro Music Camp runs June 23-June 30, 2018. All applications have been accepted and processed.

We're excited to announce that we have four amazing guests joining us this year!

Heather Osmond - Assistant Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Secretary in the Canada & Bermuda Territory
Greg Payton - Former Divisional Music Director in the Eastern Michigan Division
Captains Martin and Tory Ross - Divisional Secretary for Harvest Initiative and Sacramento Social Services from the Del Oro Division in California

Visitors are more than welcome to visit our Metro Music Camp performances at Camp Wonderland in Camp Lake, WI., including the final concert.

Visitors will need to check in at the front gate upon arrival to purchase a meal ticket.  There will be WD camp staff stationed at the front gate to assist you.  While reservations are not required we would ask that as a courtesy you call ahead and let camp know if you plan on staying for the picnic: 262-889-4305.

For more information call, Zac Smith, Camp Wonderland: 262.889.4305 x304, Dr. Jonathan Corry, Director of Music & Gospel Arts: 773-540 1534,  or contact your local Salvation Army facility.

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