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Jan 1, 2020

Christal is a single mother who works two jobs to try to make ends meet for her two children. Her father lives with her, but has had several significant health issues arise over the last several months leaving her behind on income. In addition, her son totaled one of their vehicles making transportation an immediate barrier, which had to be taken care of. Due to these circumstances, Christal fell behind on her rent and was facing an eviction. The Salvation Army was able to assist Christal by paying her rent, which allowed her family to stay housed. To this day, Christal has been able to maintain her housing situation. The Salvation Army was also able to provide assistance through its Christmas and Back to School Programs, which reduced the financial burden on Christal.

In addition to the monetary assistance provided to Christal and her family, she is also participating in The Salvation Army’s long-term case management program, the Pathway of Hope Program. Through Pathway of Hope, Christal has been able to learn budgeting skills, obtain referrals for mental health services, as well as locate and maintain employment.

UPDATE 02-14-19:
Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice! This week we celebrated with Christal as she graduated our Pathway of Hope program! During her time with us she has been able to receive individualized help with our excellent team through case management and pastoral care. We first met Christal when she came in for emergency assistance, which then led to a long term relationship, where she has learned many skills. She has learned about budgeting, how to interview for a job, how to make the appropriate connections she needed for her health needs and now she has been steadily employed for about 6 months! Through the one on one Case Management, the SA Group Life Skills Classes and all the support, Christal is ready to continue her journey to success!

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