Front-Line Feeder

Mar 1, 2020

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer at our Front Line Feeding program, who was a joy to visit with. Jennifer told us how much our lunch program meant to her and how our presence has been invaluable to her & the many other members of our community who visit us for lunch each day of the week. When we sat down to talk with her she had this to say, “Being able to have the Salvation Army available has been a main and consistent life line. Not only for the fact of being fed, but for the ones in hardship coming here and having a place of communion and fellowship. It can bring not only a smile, but a place you can gather and have a place of sanctuary and comfort – qualities ones have at a home. Sometimes you may forget how sacred those things are. I give great thanks to all of them at the Salvation Army.”

Our Front-Line Feeding program is open 365 days of the year rain or shine! If you are hungry and need a hot lunch, stop by our Harbor House located at 636 N. Boonvile St., near the corner of Chestnut Expressway and Boonville.

Lunch is served from 12pm to 1pm daily.

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