Inspired To Continue Moving Forward In Our Mission of Service and Hope to Others

Sep 10, 2021 | by Jeff Smith

Remembering 9/11 - 20 Years Ago


As we approach the 20th Anniversary of September 11th, we know it is a day we will never forget, one that we hope will never happen again, and a day in which we remember every single person and their families affected by this tragedy in prayer.

Today, as I (Jeff with the Springfield Salvation Army) viewed this video from our National Commander, Kenneth Hodder I was moved as he describes the selfless sacrifice of one of our own. I know these types of services happen all the time, but to hear this story - well it moves me to continue moving forward in our mission of providing service and hope to others. 

He describes how one individual, Major Molly Schotzberger - one of the first Salvation Army Officers to be deployed to Ground Zero served some of the first responders. 

She responded in a way that we typically do not get to hear about, but we know happens. He tells how she went from man to man, removing their shoes, taking off their soaked and soiled socks, washing their feet, putting back on clean socks, and then restoring to their feet the boots that they would need to continue their grisly work. 

The National Commander goes on to say, "Nothing could have been simpler, but nothing could have been more important. 

So what does all of this mean? How can we take the lessons of 9/11 and apply them today? 

Well, there are at least three things I think we can do.

First, we should find opportunities to comfort those who continue to mourn for those who were lost on that terrible day. 

Second, we can pause to remember the spirit in which we responded as people. It was a spirit of self-sacrifice, of unity, of perseverance. 

Those values are as important today as they were then. 

And Third, we can recommit ourselves to serve our communities in that same spirit today. Human need continues to press upon us, and we must respond and do something for others. "

As we go into the weekend, let us remember our National Commander's message, and may we allow God to keep moving us to help others. 

We pray for God's peace and love over you all. 


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