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For thousands of children throughout Missouri and Illinois, The Salvation Army is a second home. Our corps community centers and KROC centers provide children from low-income families the opportunity to play music, learn sports, fellowship with friends and even the opportunity for help with their homework.

Character-Building Programs

Rooted in the scouting tradition, The Salvation Army’s character-building programs are biblically based on caring, trained leaders. Over 151,000 children attended character-building programs from 2000 to 2010 in Missouri and Southern Illinois. Click here to find a community center near you. Call them for program schedules today.

After-School Programs & Tutoring

Children that may have been latch-key kids in generations past now have a safe haven after school where they can enjoy fellowship with their friends, with an opportunity for homework help, if needed. The Salvation Army provides families the opportunity to send their children to after-school programs at The Salvation Army in order to provide their children with a structured and secure environment where they will be shown God’s love. Tutoring is available at some community centers. Click here to find a community center near you. Contact them for scheduling and availability today.

Camp Mihaska

Located in the beautiful hills of Bourbon, Missouri, The Salvation Army’s Camp Mihaska provides a retreat for children and families looking to commune with nature and grow closer to God. In 2010 alone, 1,938 campers attended Camp Mihaska. To learn more about Camp Mihaska click here or call your local community center to register for our next session.

Music Programs

The musicians in our world-famous Salvation Army bands began their training at the community center level. Click here to find a community center near you to learn more about music lessons and band tryouts.