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What is your story? How did you end up in Milwaukee?Ian Abston

I was born and raised here. I was born in Riverwest, and my parents worked hard to move us to Shorewood and raise us away from the crime we were experiencing there at that time.

What keeps you in Milwaukee/What do you like best about Milwaukee?

I moved to NY for a few years, but I decided to move back because I missed my family and my hometown. I was considering moving to a new city again, but once I heard that we were building a new arena and developing the downtown area, I knew that the city was finally beginning to move in a direction that I wanted to be a part of.

Favorite spot in the city?

Anywhere by the lake.

Milwaukee festival you are eager to attend each year?

I’m Italian so I have to go with Festa Italiana!

What drew you to Echelon?

I wanted to be a part of an organization that is helping to make our community a better place.

Share with us a memorable experience you have had thus far with the organization.

I would have to pick mini-bowling at Koz’s! I don’t think I would have ever tried that otherwise and it was a creative way to get donations and get to know fellow Echelonians.

What struggles do you see our city dealing with? What can our generation do to help?

Segregation and racism is my biggest concern for our city. I think the first thing that we can do is recognize that and get the rest of our state to recognize it also.