A Thank You Note

Jan 2, 2020 | by Doug Donahoo

Two weeks before Christmas, more than 100 volunteers spent their Saturday morning packing and preparing food boxes for 4,500 homes in the Kansas City area. Countless more volunteers spent several weeks in December wrapping presents and helping parents select the gifts for children on Christmas morning. Because of their hard work, families who might not have had a Christmas otherwise were able to share in the holiday spirit.

Each year, we receive notes of thanks and gratitude. While these notes may come to The Salvation Army, in reality, the notes are meant for all of our donors, volunteers, and corporate partners who make adopt families, donate toys, and pack food boxes at Christmas time and support our countless other services possible throughout the year.

Here is but a small sample of the notes sent our way:

“Thank you for our family’s gifts this year. I am very grateful for everything you gave to my family. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas; I am very happy because we have gifts this year. Thank you for helping my parents this Christmas.”


“Your gifts are very much appreciated. The Lord has, and I know will continue, to bless me and my son’s families of their own. They will be coming from other states to visit me this Christmas and without your donation I wouldn’t have had enough food for them all. So this is making my holiday a little brighter.”


“My family and I want to send our best wishes and thanks. We really appreciate your support for The Salvation Army, who supported us. Words can’t fully express my gratitude and appreciation. Your gift has made things brighter for a lot of people, including my family.”


“I’m not very good at writing thank you’s but we really do appreciate the gifts we got, and I want to thank everyone who donated.”


“I want to express my deep appreciate for the Christmas Box delivered to me this Christmas season, sponsored by the many fine local merchants in the Kansas City metro area.”


“What you all do is invaluable to my family. With your support during Christmas it really plays a key role in my kids’ happiness. Thank you again for your compassion and support. I hope that you all will continue to partner with The Salvation Army.”



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