Education is Thriving at The Salvation Army

Jan 20, 2021 | by Haley Lysinger

Bright colors, cleanliness, organization, sufficient resources, and constant encouragement are all things proven to help enhance the learning experience for students. Now, what happens when all that is taken away and they are now forced to learn at home, alone?

“I was definitely frustrated and annoyed at home because everything was different and new,” said Salma, a sixth-grade student in the Kansas City area.

“Kids were just dealing with a lot of distractions and they got to a point that one missing assignment became a hurdle that they couldn’t get past,” said Carrie Dixon, director of Camp Thrive.

The Salvation Army recognized the hardships this pandemic-induced environment took on students and their families. With plenty of space available at Three Trails Camp in Independence, Mo., The Salvation Army opened the doors for Camp Thrive to bridge the gap left between in-person school and virtual learning.

At Camp Thrive, students receive tutoring in a productive, socially distanced space.

“When I wasn’t coming to Camp Thrive, I had a hard time at home. My grandparents couldn’t help me with a lot of my work, so I felt kind of sad,” said Ben, a sixth-grader attending Camp Thrive. “Now that I am here, there are so many people that can help me. My grades shot up; I’ve got a 100% in one of my classes.”

The challenges of virtual education are forcing students to adjust how they learn on the fly and many are finding they need the help and support of other classmates and tutors when they can’t be in the classroom. At Camp Thrive students are given the tools to stay on task and accomplish their educational goals even when they can’t be in school.

“It’s been really rewarding to be able to be feet on the street for some kids that needed somebody to stop and pay attention to them in this moment,” Dixon said.

“I wasn’t as enthusiastic about my grades as I am now, I just didn’t have any willpower. I struggled with Social Studies and had a D because there were a lot of big projects that I wasn’t able to get done in time,” said Olivia, a seventh-grader at Camp Thrive. “It has now turned into a B and soon to be an A because of the work ethic I have been able to create.”

It’s all part of the never-ending work to help kids adapt and learn in the world today. A mission clearly stated in the very name of the program.

“We’ve had the pleasure of helping kids get out of survival mode and began to thrive again,” Dixon added.

Camp Thrive has already helped many students grow and develop that love of learning again. If you have a child that is struggling with at-home learning and would thrive in this program you can register here.

These programs are possible due to the kind hearts of people in our community. If you would like to support Camp Thrive, donate now by clicking here.

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