Faith In Action: Lent

Mar 12, 2020

There are still three weeks left in Lent before Easter arrives, The Salvation Army has some ways you can observe this important time on the calendar while giving back to people in need. Here are six things to do to put your faith into action.

1. Volunteer: The Salvation Army in Kansas and Western Missouri is helping people 365 days a year, and we can always use the assistance of passionate, dedicated people. From reading to children at our Children’s Shelter to painting a room in one of our local corps locations, you find multiple ways to give your time here.

2. Take the Generosity Challenge: There’s still plenty of time to sign-up for the challenge that swept the world last year. More than 100,000 people took the daily challenges to spread good and committed more than 4 million generous acts in 180 countries. You can receive daily emails with a new challenge each day by signing up at

3. Donate Your Resources: By making a donation to The Salvation Army, you’ll be increasing our ability to care for your neighbors in need this Lent season. As winter turns to spring, families will need help paying utility bills, putting food on the table, and finding a permanent place to live. You can support those in need by donating here.

4. Declutter for Good: Plenty of parents are spending Lent thinking about spring cleaning. As you’re organizing, consider putting aside one item you no longer need, and at the end of Lent, donate the collection to The Salvation Army Thrift Store. You’ll be supporting corps in your community or the Adult Rehabilitation Center in Kansas City, where adults can participate in a cost-free, six-month rehabilitation program to overcome addiction. To schedule a pick-up for your donation, visit

5. Get Educated: There are several prominent social issues facing our community each and every day. Take time to visit a Salvation Army location to find out what we’re doing to help people overcome the challenges they face, not just during Lent, but throughout the year. From at-risk children to emergency and disasters, The Salvation Army is there to meet human need without discrimination.

6. Pray: Your faith is a powerful tool in our fight against poverty. Your message to God will resonate in our hearts as we work to lift people up and put them on a new track in life. So, when you gather to say grace at the dinner table or bow your head in church on Sundays, please think to say a prayer for the officers, staff, and volunteers of The Salvation Army this Lent season.


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