Living On A Budget

Jan 14, 2020 | by Doug Donahoo

It’s a simple math equation facing thousands of families across Kansas City each month, the budget. Money in, money out. Making sure you can afford everything you need to keep your family safe, healthy, and happy. From groceries to bills to movie night, there are literally hundreds of items for which you must account each and every month.

Most of us are lucky enough for this math problem to be a fairly simple one. Take your income, subtract your spending, and voila, your budget is set. Now, let’s add one wrinkle to it: you don’t know how much money you might have from one month to the next.

That’s a challenge that can face Salvation Army locations every single month. We’re here to help people, and we know people will come seeking help. We just may not know how much money we’ll have at the start of each month because charitable giving can vary from one month to the next.

There’s a simple way to help The Salvation Army plan its budget for today and far into the future. By joining our sustained monthly giving program, your monthly gift will help Salvation Army officers and staff better budget for the help they can provide each month.

Think about your monthly gift as a convenient way to support the cause you care about most. Many of us have a Netflix subscription or a gym membership. Those payments come out of our checking account each month, often without a second thought. A monthly donation to The Salvation Army can leave you feeling good each time the gift is made.

That way, when a family needs help affording a utility bill, a veteran needs helping moving from the streets into an apartment, or a disaster strikes in our community, The Salvation Army will be there to lend a helping hand. Thanks to the help you provide each month.

To become a sustained monthly donor, just click here.

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