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Service Extension

Making a difference in your community.

Extending the Mission

When people think of The Salvation Army they often picture Corps Community Centers with worship facilities and uniformed officers.  The Service Extension Department exists to extend services beyond these traditional Corps Community Center facilities to make sure no community is left behind.

The Service Extension Department operates Red Shield Centers, thrift stores, and a network of volunteers to serve those in need in 96 counties throughout Kansas and Western Missouri.

Service Extension Red Shield Centers

Service Extension Thrift Stores

Service Extension Network of Local Volunteers

Our network of local volunteers believe in the mission and the message of The Salvation Army and agree to represent The Army in their community. Through these volunteers, the Salvation Army’s mission is carried out every day all across the state. Service Extension provides for emergency needs, such as food, clothing, emergency lodging, rent, utility assistance, and other critical needs

Service Extension Programs

Service Extension also operates a summer camp for kids, provides seasonal assistance, like fans in the summer, back to school supplies, Christmas gifts, and support for families.  In addition to this, they also provide emergency response when disaster strikes.  Fires, floods, tornados, and other disasters are responded to by a mobile team with the support of our local network.

1-800-336-4547 ext. 368

When you donate to The Salvation Army, your gift benefits the local community.

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