The Weekly Devotion for the Week of January 30

Jan 26, 2024

We should welcome the Lord each day, breaking away at any hardness in our hearts to allow Him to do good work in our lives.

The first part of the verse says, “Sow for yourselves righteousness.”  This speaks to the intentional cultivation of a life aligned with God’s principles.  The act of sowing righteousness is not passive; it requires conscious effort to plant seeds of integrity, justice, and compassion in our daily lives.

The next instruction says, “Reap steadfast love.”  Just as a farmer reaps what they sow, we too will harvest the fruits of our actions.  God’s steadfast love is a love that remains unwavering, constant, and limitless – a divine reward for a life lived in harmony with God’s ways.

The final instruction is a powerful metaphor urging us to examine the unattended areas of our hearts and minds:  “break up your fallow ground.”  Fallow ground, if not taken care of, becomes hardened and useless for farming.  To receive the fullness of God’s blessings, we are called to break up the barriers within us and allow God to transform our hearts, minds, and souls.

“It is the time to seek the Lord” serves as a timely reminder that the call to righteousness is urgent.  Seeking the Lord is an active pursuit, an intentional turning towards God in prayer, reflection, and obedience.  God’s presence and righteousness are poured out upon those who earnestly seek Him.

May this verse inspire us to live purposefully, aligned with God’s righteousness, and may our lives be a testimony of God’s love and grace.


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