Experiencing God Through Creative Arts

Feb 24, 2022

A creative arts program is opening the door to new opportunities for children in Oakbrook and the surrounding communities.

The weekly program, launched recently at the Salvation Army Oakbrook Terrace (OBT) Corps, is giving kids ages 7 to 12 the opportunity to learn new skills and experience a variety of visual and performing arts.

Twenty children are participating, including Caleb Sjogren’s two sons. The children have taken dance lessons. They also wrote, developed, performed, and edited a four-minute video. Sjogren, who helped lead instruction on film production, said a lot of time and focus was spent on conceptualizing an idea. 

“I think one of the things that everyone saw was just how difficult it is, just how challenging it can be to collaborate,” Sjogren said. “One of the things we wanted to focus on was that we’re all working on this together … so we can create something together.”

Lisa Jordan, Youth Development Director at the OBT Corps, said she is impressed by the children’s willingness to try new things – all in the midst of the pandemic.

“We hope by expanding our opportunities in creative arts more kids will find ‘their spark’ in ways to worship and experience God,” Jordan said. “They can try something new and hopefully prepare them with different skills they can continue to grow as they do.” 

The children are currently taking singing lessons. Jordan and her team are looking at different options for future sessions, including ukulele lessons.

“We are committed to these kids, to loving them, to training them, to discipling them, and to helping them grow into the people God created them to be,” Sjogren said.

For more information on the programs and services available at the OBT Corps, or to donate, please visit www.saobt.org.

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