Rescue Christmas series: Your gifts fulfill families’ unique needs

Dec 14, 2020

Rescue Christmas is a story series featuring real-life examples of how your donations change lives in The Salvation Army Northern Division.

When you donate, you help Rescue Christmas for vulnerable people and families in Minnesota and North Dakota. Your generous financial support provides food, shelter, toys, coats, and other critical services for people impacted by the pandemic. Your compassion allows The Salvation Army to fulfill the unique needs of people like the families in the stories below.

Emotional connection 

Recently we began helping a single mother who’d been struggling ever since the pandemic struck. More than any physical need, she needed to connect with somebody on an emotional level. She desired to be heard and acknowledged. 

Over a series of texts, emails, phone calls, and two socially-distanced home visits, our case worker was able to provide this woman with the assurance that she is not alone in the world.

“This mom of three felt the love and care that she craved,” the case worker said. “When moms reach out searching for human connection, I feel the Holy Spirit guiding our relationship in a very special way. I believe God is always at work, even in details that might seem insignificant.”

Heat restored

A family whose employment has been challenged by COVID-19 bought a house on Contract for Deed soon after the mother had given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Suddenly, crisis struck: The home’s furnace and air conditioner broke down, just after the family had spent almost all of their money on their house and new baby. The family went to the county social services office, where they were directed to The Salvation Army for help. 

A Salvation Army case worker met with the family and knew just what to do. 

“I was able to apply for a grant that helped the family make the first few payments on replacing their heating and air conditioning units,” the case worker said. “The family was able to stay in their new home and keep it warm this winter. They were grateful for The Salvation Army’s help.”

Empty cupboard filled

An early childhood teacher from a local public school emailed one of our case workers to request help for a family that did not speak English. The teacher said the family was in desperate need of food but didn’t know where to get any. Both parents had been laid off from their restaurant jobs due to COVID-19. 

Immediately we scheduled a time for the family to come to a Salvation Army food pantry to pick up all the food they needed. The family stopped by and received a week’s worth of food for six people, plus hygiene items, diapers, and baby formula.

The family was grateful. They now know there is a place they can go to get help anytime they need it.  

Enlist in Love’s Army by giving a donation or ringing bells at a red kettle. Your gifts of time and money will help Rescue Christmas for people and families struggling to get through the pandemic.  

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