SCHEELS makes critical donation: 685 pairs of socks

Jun 28, 2021

SCHEELS of Eden Prairie last week made a critical donation to the Twin Cities Salvation Army: 685 pairs of socks.

People experiencing homelessness request new socks more than any other clothing item. Socks are critical for many reasons, such as:

  • During summer months, fresh socks help prevent infections and blisters by wicking sweat away from the skin.
  • During winter months, clean, warm socks help prevent the onset frostbite. 
  • New socks eliminate the practice of walking barefoot. People experiencing homelessness often walk barefoot, increasing the risk of injury or infection.

SCHEELS’ donation stems from a Virtual 5K event it hosted last month, when it secured 500 pairs of socks from Smartwool. SCHEELS donated another 185 pairs of socks, plus five large bags of clothing items.   

“Here at SCHEELS we pride ourselves on doing good in our communities,” said Lauren Andrist, Social Media Leader at Eden Prairie SCHEELS. “We are beyond grateful for The Salvation Army and the impact that they make on our community. With over 10,000 Minnesotans facing homelessness, it was clear that The Salvation Army would be able to utilize this donation and get the Smartwool socks into the hands of those in need.” 

The Salvation Army will distribute the socks at our local shelters, including the Harbor Light Center in Minneapolis, which nightly provides safe emergency shelter for hundreds of people experiencing homelessness. 

SCHEELS has also partnered with The Salvation Army in Down for the Challenge, a rappelling event at Mall of America that will allow more than 350 people to descent a 14-story building on Sept. 18. Event proceeds will fund Salvation Army housing and homelessness-prevention programs in the Twin Cities. 

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