Join our 2020 Lent Challenge

Feb 24, 2020

Welcome to the Lenten season. From Feb. 26 (Ash Wednesday) until April 9 (Holy Thursday), millions of Christians will spend 40 days giving up their vices in order to acknowledge the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all of humanity.    

If you decide to give something up this Lenten season – be it sweets, alcohol, social media, or something else – The Salvation Army Northern Division encourages you to give food, clothing or money in its place as part of our Lent Challenge.

Food, clothing and money are The Salvation Army’s most precious resources for serving others in the name of Jesus Christ. We use donated food and clothing to keep thousands of people warm and fed, and we use monetary donations to fund a multitude of other services – from rent assistance to youth programs to disaster relief. 

Here are three easy ways to participate in our Lent Challenge: 

Donate 40 items of clothing

Each day of Lent, remove one item of clothing from your closet or drawer and stuff it in a bag. After Lent is over, donate the clothing to your local Salvation Army Store

Our stores will sell your items and use 100 percent of the proceeds to fund vital Salvation Army programs that provide food, shelter, clothing, addiction recovery, and other services.

If you don't have clothes to give, you can also donate other items such as housewares, electronics, sporting goods, and more.  

Your donations could change the life of someone like David, who overcame his addictions with help from The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center in Minneapolis – which is funded exclusively by proceeds from Salvation Army Stores. Read David’s story.

Become a $40 recurring donor

The Salvation Army will use your $40 monthly gift to provide a steady stream of support for people and families in need all year long. Donate now.

Monthly gifts help fund Salvation Army programs such as Pathway of Hope, a long-term family mentoring program that seeks to end generational poverty. Your donation will provide hope for families like Alisa (pictured), a single mother who became self-sufficient with help from Pathway of Hope. Read Alisa’s story

If monthly giving is too expensive, you can still give a one-time gift of $40. That’s enough money for The Salvation Army to provide several days of food for a family of four.  

Donate 40 items of food

Clean out your pantry or stop by the grocery store – or both – and give your nonperishable food items to a Salvation Army food shelf in Minnesota or North Dakota. Find your local Salvation Army

Our food shelves need many more donations. The Salvation Army in South Minneapolis, for example, receives its weekly food shipment every Monday and almost always runs out by Thursday. With more help from people like you, this location could remain open on Fridays and serve more people in need.

The Salvation Army Northern Division pledges to do the most good with your gifts of time and money, with 81 cents of every dollar going directly to services. Join us by volunteering or giving a donation to support your local community. 

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