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The Salvation Army Crest Image

The Salvation Army Crest

While the red shield is an internationally-recognized symbol of Salvation Army service to those in need, the crest is a meaningful symbol of our church beliefs.

The Salvation Army crest was designed in 1878 when The Christian Mission changed its name to The Salvation Army and began adopting a military style with uniforms and military terms. Today, Salvation Army centers worldwide use the crest, translating the words on it into their own language.

This symbol has particular relevance for Salvation Army church members because it reminds them of important features of their faith.


Crest Symbolism

  • The sun represents the light and fire of the Holy Spirit
  • The cross of Jesus stands at the center of the crest and the faith of church members
  • The ‘S’ stands for salvation from sin
  • The swords represent the fight against sin
  • The shots (seven white dots) stand for the truths of the gospel
  • The crown speaks of God’s reward for His faithful people
  • “Blood and Fire” is the motto of The Salvation Army that describes the blood of Jesus shed on the cross to save all people and the fire of the Holy Spirit which purifies believers