How Is The Salvation Army Giving Hope in Owosso?

Nov 5, 2019

Pictured above: Bridgett, Pathway of Hope caseworker, Lieutenant (pastor) Justin Steckbauer, and Gordon, cook for the Owosso Corps


Helping our neighbors overcome poverty is one of our top priorities. Every day, we have friends in need fighting to better themselves and make better lives for their families. The battle is not easy – obstacles such as lack of education, unemployment, lack of housing, and histories of abuse or addiction are challenging to even the most determined. Our Pathway of Hope program supports families by helping them set and achieve goals so that they can thrive and become self-sufficient. In Shiawassee County, The Salvation Army Corps of Owosso is doing just that – coming alongside families and lifting them up so that they can begin to create a brighter future. The following are several clients who have begun to find stability and success through the Pathway of Hope program and other community resources that we partner with.

Maureen* is a single mom and has a daughter with special needs. A veteran temp employee, Kelly had always worked hard to keep herself employed and had maintained her housing for 10 years. She struggled to find a job for two months and got behind on her energy bill. She was referred to The Salvation Army Owosso Corps by the Department of Health and Human Services after seeking help. The Salvation Army assisted her with her overdue bill of about $300, and Kelly decided she wanted to enroll in The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program to continue accomplishing her goals, which include staying ahead of rent, saving up to purchase a more dependable vehicle, and helping her daughter learn how to ride a bike. She is a regular recipient of the Corps’ food pantry, and she stays in close contact with her Pathway of Hope caseworker for encouragement and support.

Danielle and her teenage daughter were made homeless by a dangerous domestic violence situation. She was referred to The Salvation Army Owosso Corps by the homeless shelter she was staying at. The Salvation Army put up Kristen and her daughter in a motel for 2 weeks, after which they connected her with Capital Area Community Services, which helped find a permanent place to live and provided rental assistance. While she was provided with rental assistance, The Salvation Army helped Kelly find steady employment in a local factory, after which she was able to start paying her own bills. She receives regular assistance from the Corps’ food pantry. With the help Danielle received, she began managing her finances more intentionally and improved her credit score by almost 150 points. She was able to then purchase a vehicle and increase her own independence and self-sufficiency. An aspiring entrepreneur, Danielle enrolled in The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program with the goal of starting her own cleaning business, and getting her own car is her first step forward.

Tanya, a mother of three young boys, was feeling overwhelmed with her life challenges: she had no job, she needed to finish her GED, her parents offered no support, and the father of her children was abusive. She came to The Salvation Army Owosso Corps simply looking for someone to talk to. The Owosso Corps’ Pathway of Hope caseworker provided a listening ear and emotional support. Angela also started receiving help from the Corps’ food pantry. She has enrolled in Pathway of Hope with the goals of finishing her GED, providing for herself, and finding her own housing.

Ashley and her three children were made homeless by a dangerous domestic violence situation. She was looking for housing while staying in a homeless shelter, which referred her to The Salvation Army Owosso Corps for further assistance. The Salvation Army paid for Paula’s first month of rent to help her get into an apartment that she found. She has just recently enrolled in the Pathway of Hope program with the goals of buying her own vehicle and maintaining steady employment.



*Names of clients have been changed for client privacy.

To learn more about the Pathway of Hope program, click here.

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