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Your Donation Today Gives The Boys & Girls Of Our Community Access To Programs Like These:

Go All In For Pekin 

NASP Archery

Our archery program is one of the more creative and unique ways that we are able to build and boost positive self-worth in our local youth. Tackling the challenge of hitting a bullseye alongside others offers valuable social learning opportunities. It is not easy, and so the persistence needed to succeed helps teach life lessons that are essential for stronger self-confidence. Learning any new skill presents similar obstacles, but we can guide our future generations to pursue success at anything they take aim at in life.

  Christian Youth Nights

Every Tuesday we offer an opportunity for worship and ministry to flourish in our community. Christian youth nights are open to all who are interested in sharing God’s light and growing together as strong, caring leaders of tomorrow for Tazewell County. The values, guidance and learning that comes from our youth ministries build meaningful relationships that can last a life time. With The Salvation Army, children can become caring and productive adults through the understanding of God’s love.

  Summer Day Camps

Summer is full of freedom for the young students in our community. Unfortunately the opportunities that some enjoy may not be an option for others. The Salvation Army always works to give equal access for kids of any background to enjoy their summer through our various camp programs. Here in Pekin, we offer a day camp for our youth to experience valuable moments of personal growth and empowerment. This program is important to us because we know that one summer can impact a child’s life forever. This is how we can work to positively change our future generations.

  ELEVATE Program

Teens and children might not have a safe and positive environment available to them when they need it most. For our community, we wanted to ensure that there was guidance and help available to families and youth in need. The ELEVATE program offers afterschool activities such as recreational team sports/exercise, homework assistance and even creative outlets like crafting. We want to be able to give positive growth: socially, academically and emotionally for all the youth across Tazewell County.