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ELEVATE! Youth Ministries Image

ELEVATE! Youth Ministries

Helping ELEVATE our kids to reach their full potential!


At The Salvation Army we believe every child should have the opportunity to grow physically, socially, and emotionally.  Every child has the right to feel to safe in their own neighborhood and we are committed to investing in the future of our community.  


we have a large selection of activities for your kids to grow and thrive


Whether they practice team work and perseverance through our various athletic programs, or learn through our after school, character building and music lessons, your kids will get the skills they need to excel in the classroom and in life.   Our opportunities change seasonally, so keep checking back for more awesome experiences for your kids!  


We have many opportunities for your kids to get involved!

Take a few minutes to check out our options for your family



Recreation & Sports

Children develop self-esteem and learn the value of team work together when they participate in one of the many sports and recreational activities we offer. These emotional and mental needs are met alongside the physical needs of a child as they learn the importance of physical health & wellbeing, the positive benefits of exercise, and healthy sportsmanship with others.

Archery Club

Cook It!

Character Building Club


After School

We create many resources for youth and teens to receive support and assistance with common issues such as school work, peer pressure, and family life. Our after school programs provide a welcoming space in our community for studying, tutoring, and learning. We also have many opportunities for youth character building and mentorship that provide guidance as teens prepare to enter adulthood.

After School Program

Character Building Club

Dragon Guild


Seasonal Retreats & Camps

It is important that every child has the same opportunities to grow and learn as any of their peers. This is why we offer many different summer camp programs for kids of any background to be able to join. Some of the themes our camp cover include: creative arts, music, character & leadership, math & science, and gospel or ministry. Each one of these presents a safe and encouraging environment for youth exploration into these subjects.

Summer Day Camp

Eagle Crest Camp

Vacation Bible School

Youth Councils


Music & Creative Arts

The minds of children are incredibly imaginative and we love to give outlets for this creative expression to come to life. Our growing music and creative arts programs are the perfect place to see this first hand. We offer opportunities to learn and play instruments, sing and dance, as well as learn carpentry, photography, and other creative maker skills. These are brought to our community through programs such as our Maker Space classes, music and gospel arts school, and weekly after school lessons.

Create In Me Studio

Regional Music School



Other Ways We Meet Needs