How Asking for Help, Takes You Down a Pathway of Hope

May 22, 2023 | by Carli Murkve & Mary Bosch

How Asking for Help, Takes You Down a Pathway of Hope

"Here in Porter County, we offer Pathway of Hope, which was started in 2011, provides targeted services to families wanting to break the generational cycle of poverty and find a path out of constant crisis. It is rooted in an intensive case management approach that focuses on the client's individual strengths and supports them in setting and achieving life goals that will move them toward greater stability and self-sufficiency." - Mary Bosch


Asking for help can be hard but what makes it special is seeing how far asking can lead you down a Pathway of Hope. Camari Williams became a Pathway of Hope graduate from October 18, 2022 to April 5, 2023 and is continuing to make improvements on her life after graduating.


In Porter County, Camari Williams (25) is married, with two small boys, ages 1 ½ and 3 with a third child to be expected in October 2023. Camari came to Mary Bosch, The Salvation Army’s Social Service Case Manager, asking for help quoting:

“I am tired of being broke, I need assistance in getting my family to a better place. We do not want to live like this anymore.”


Camari started her six-month journey with help from Mary. They would meet every two weeks to review and chart out her progress. The Salvation Army would give resources and connections to be able to help her associate her with businesses. So, their first step was to create goals and break those down into small steps.


Her 1st goal: Working on their Budget

Through this she was able to trim of $800 a month by cutting out unnecessary expenses such as eating out too often and cutting down her phone bill from $140 to $80 a month. As well as taking out unnecessary expenses that she was not using such as Adobe and cable.


Her 2nd goal: Solution for her Son

Camari’s son is asthmatic and has constant issues with it resulting in him going to the hospital quite often and her family struggled to get it under control. When talking to a doctor they recommended to ask the landlord, at their apartment, to take out the carpeting and replace it with hardwood. The landlord refused to make changes resulting in them having to find affordable apartment options with hardwood floors, in which, she was able move her family in January to another town. This change made a difference as Camari’s son is able to keep his asthma under control and has not been to the hospital since December 2022.


Her 3rd goal: Becoming Financially Sufficient

Following her budget changes, in October, Camari was able to become more financially stable to pay off her credit cards more than the minimum payment. That following January, she received her tax check that was able to completely pay off her credit card debt and is now debt free!


Her 4th goal: Making Vehicle Repairs

Now that she was able to save money through budgeting and cutting out unnecessary expenses, her family was able to afford getting repairs for their vehicle. Unfortunately, the cost of the repairs outweighed the worth of the car resulting in them looking for a new car.  However, Camari’s family was able to afford purchasing a new used vehicle on a loan but is suited for their new budget.


Due to Camari being able to break down her goals and find ways to create improvements, she is now able to work with a realtor to find ways to improve her credit score, so her family can purchase a home in the next year.


The Salvation Army was able to help provide her with diapers for her baby, a monthly food box, and became one of our Adopt a Family, this year for Angel Tree. And the Salvation Army being able to provide those resources to help her talk to companies and find ways to create solutions.

Camari Williams graduated Pathway of Hope on April 5th and was able to release her story to encourage others that there is hope and through help and support, you can change your life for the better.  


Special thanks to Mary Bosch and April Mitchell for providing photos.

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