Staying Connected in Southern Indiana: Serving Our Communities Through the Pandemic

Apr 27, 2020

In times of struggle, we cannot deny the power of coming together to serve. At The Salvation Army in Princeton and Evansville, our corps are proving the importance of teamwork to serve our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At The Salvation Army Princeton, this teamwork is achieved through local partnerships that allow the Corps to gain resources for their community. Getting food to the hungry is the number-one priority of the Princeton Corps during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to food donations from Walmart, the Corps has been able to pack 347 more food boxes for those in need.

To minimize physical contact in their food pantry, the Corps began utilizing boxes rather than shopping carts to transport food to those coming into the pantry. When they ran out of boxes to transport food, the Corps reached out to Barry Plastics, who donated 280 boxes for use in the food pantry. Duke Energy also provided a grant for the Corps to fund their food pantry efforts. We thank Walmart, Barry Plastics, and Duke Energy for teaming up with The Salvation Army Princeton to help them reach those who need them in the community!

At The Salvation Army Evansville, the role of volunteering during these times has an impact not only on our community but on the volunteers themselves. Tammy, a weekly volunteer at the Evansville Corps for the past four years, continues to serve at the facility several days a week during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tammy makes it clear that she loves The Salvation Army, and she states that she needs The Salvation Army as much as they need her. “I need to be here with everyone,” Tammy told the volunteer coordinator at the facility. “It keeps me grounded in the Lord.” In the midst of the chaos brought on by the pandemic, individuals like Tammy are searching for consistency to keep them rooted in their faith when the world is constantly changing around them. By working together with their local Salvation Army units, this sense of encouragement and love is always available.

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