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Success Stories

Rapid Rehousing

Tess has been participating in our RRH program since April 2021 she came through our shelter 
program initially and was referred to our RRH program and was housed in through the RRH program in  
April of 2021. As a follow up to Tessa’s story we set goals for her to maximize her savings so that 
she could purchase a vehicle she was able to increase her work hours from part time to full time and 
as a result of financial planning and budgeting she able to save enough money to purchase a vehicle.


A two-parent family came to the Salvation Army in early February of 2021. This family was facing many barriers. The mother battles cancer, which involves her traveling to Chicago for treatment. They also struggled with their rental history. The father lost his social security and within these past few months has been able to begin applying for SSI again. The family was struggling with balancing doctors’ appointments and finding sufficient income to afford stable housing. They stayed in shelter until June of 2021 when they were able to overcome these barriers and receive assistance with housing through the Moline Housing Authority.


Homeless Prevention

Tasha, 39 year old mother of 2 boys, has worked for Hungry Hobo for 20+ years. When Covid-19 hit her hours were drastically reduced and she got four months behind on rent. She made payments when she could and used all her tax and stimulus money to try and stay afloat. Our program allowed her to stay housed by getting her caught up on rent, as well as paying a couple months ahead so that she could get caught up on other bills she got behind on. She has started working full time hours again so she can once again afford her rent and other bills.

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