Last Updated: 10 May 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Youth Councils 2015 and Other Camp Opportunities

This last weekend, The Sedalia Salvation Army sent two delegates and two leaders to Bourbon Missouri to The Salvation Army's Camp Mihaska for Youth Councils.  We had a great time worshipping through meeting together in worship services as well as through the wonderful outdoor experiences Camp Mihaska has to offer.  

Youth Councils was just the beginning.  With the warm weather comes many great opportunities to send kids to camp.  It provides an opportunity for children to experience the outdoors, make lasting friendships, and grow in their faith.  Most of the camps are free.  Come in to the Corps/Community Center today to fill out an application! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Limit Store's Volunteer of the Month - Bruce Auwater

We would like to congratulate Bruce Auwater as April's Volunteer of the Month! With the success of our Food Pantry increasing weekly, we realize what an extraordinary asset you are to our organization.  Without your problem solving skills and leadership we would not be where we are today.  You are greatly appreciated!

- Mary McKinney, Limit Store Manager

Limit Store's Volunteer of the Month - Nancy Evans

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Nancy Evans, April's Employee of the Month!  We have taken note of and appreciate your high level of proficiency in handling your duties, your communication skills, and your humble behavior toward our customers.  You're actions do not go unnoticed.  Thank you!    

- Mary McKinney, Limit Store Manager

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Game And Fellowship Night

Adults are invited to join us on Friday, February 20th for Game Night.  This program is for ages 18+ only.  Join us from 5-8pm for games and fellowship and food.

Thursday, January 1, 2014

Boundless: The Whole World Reading

There's a vision for The Salvation Army this year that the whole Salvation Army world would read through the New Testament together.  There are a few ways to accomplish this. 
1. Members or established attenders of The Salvation Army church will recieve a new Bible and a reading plan with discussion questions to use amongst their families, friends and congregation.
2. For those who don't receive a Bible or, who are like Lt Jared and just prefer their tablet or phone for reading, there is a downloadable app on Android and IOS.  Just search for "Boundless, The Whole World Reading" and you'll find it.  It'll have the same reading plan and the same discussion.  
3. If you don't fit into either of the above categories - say you still want a Bible but you aren't a member of the congregation and you don't have a phone or tablet - you can still come to The Salvation Army and recieve a Bible.  We've been fortunate enough to have received a sizeable donation of brand new Bibles from  These have provided us with enough Bibles to be able to provide them for whoever wants one.

So come read through the New Testament with us.  Discuss it with us.  Grow closer to God with us.

Links of note:
Bible Challenge Website
Android App
Stephanie's Wish

Tuesday, Septemberr 23, 2014

Now Hiring:

  Two Part Time (25 hours/week) Store Worker Positions at our Ohio Thrift Store
     For more information and how to apply, call Karen Parks at (660) 826-5553
  A Full Time (40 hours/week) Store Manager Position at our Limit Thrift Store
     For more information and how to apply, call Karen Parks at (660) 826-5553
  A Part Time (25 hours/week) Case Manager working out of our Limit Thrift Store
     For more information and how to apply, call Lt Tonia Collins at (660) 826-1525 or (660) 826-5262

Friday, May 30, 2014

            I called out the window yesterday to my oldest daughter, “Don’t waste water!” as she attempted to wet every square inch of the side of the house with the hose.  The instant I said it, I realized the ridiculousness of the statement because she had been using the hose to do what her mother and I had asked her to do – fill a kiddie pool for our youngest daughter to play in.  I also realized that this was probably only the first of many times that we would be playing in water in the backyard this summer.

            All I kept thinking about was a video from Sesame Street that I watched as a kid when a boy is brushing his teeth and washing his hands and, as he does so, a lake with a fish in it is slowly draining because the boy left the sink running.  And while a limited global clean water supply is a concern, a much more urgent concern is the lack of clean water available in various places around the world.

            My community got a taste of this yesterday.  Our receptionist, Dee, got a phone call from a local trailer park that had lost their water.  It’s a cliché, but you don’t realize how much you use it until you lose it.  Showers, baths, hand washing, tooth brushing, toilet flushing, dish and laundry cleaning, lawn watering, kiddie pool-filling all go out the window, to say nothing of the most important – drinking.  Fortunately, Dee jumped into action as soon as she received the call and was able to coordinate the distribution of about 100 cases of water with the help of our emergency disaster volunteers and the generous donations from concerned partners in the community.  This provided for the trailer park’s water needs until the problem was fixed. 

            But in this emergency I’m reminded, again, of the people who have to live without a close, clean water source.  There are those in the world that we don’t like to think about who travel great distances to get a bucket of dirty water, while we walk from the couch to the sink. 

            There are many organizations that have dedicated themselves to changing this problem.  The trailer park in our community that lost their water got a taste of what 46 percent of people in the world deal with – not having clean water piped into their homes.  The Salvation Army, along with countless other organizations, is committed to see that number fall and save the lives of the thousands of people who die every day because of a lack of clean water and sanitation. 

Will you help?  Contact your local Salvation Army to see how. 

- Jared Collins, Lieutenant