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We give kids their parents back Image

We give kids their parents back

Staying in a Serenity Home Shelter means Staying Sober.

Sobriety is a commitment our residents make while they stay

Some of the residents who will stay at a Serenity Home Shelter may have struggled with addiction.  One of the primary goals of a stay at Serenity Home is to ensure the individuals are working on their sobriety by avoiding alcohol and drugs.  

"It took 3 times, but the 4th made all the difference."

Serenity Home requires our residents to remain sober. Residents can be exited for refusing to comply. Recently one resident had attempted to stay sober 3 different times, the 4th time he finally agreed to go to treatment through the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. He has been sober since and has regained his independence. He is thankful for the staff who encouraged him to get sober and on a better path.

How we help combat addiction

Staying at Serenity Home Shelters means staying drug and alcohol free.

We Encourage Sobriety by:


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