2020 Springfield IL Shelter Stats

Aug 19, 2021

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This is a report of activities and money for our shelter project from last winter. Our mission was to keep the most marginalized in our community Warm, Safe and Alive in the face of the largest pandemic in the last 100 years. Because of our fantastic, passionate and determined staff we met the challenge head-on and expanded services any way necessary to accomplish that mission. I am proud to say that over the winter while we had 50 residents and many staff experience COVID-19, thanks to SIU school of medicines help,  no deaths resulted from COVID or the brutal winter weather we experienced.

Please take a look at the stats below and see full financial break downs at the bottom.

The Salvation Army will continue to do what we can to make our community a better place. Than you to everyone for all of the help, support and prayers!

Assistance provided to residents of the Winter Warming Center & Tent City (11/02/2021— 04/16/2021)

 Light Touch Services Provided: 

  • Number of  unduplicated persons checked in: 188 
  • Total number bed count for season: 6,968 
  • Meal Train dinner meals served: 7,178
  • Breakfast and lunches provided by Salvation Army: 14,356
  • Birth Certificates: 7
  • State ID’s: 14
  • Social Security Card: 5
  • Passport: 1
  • Housing Relocation Stabilization: 10
  • Substance Abuse Treatment: 8
  • COVID Positive Residents: 50
  • Connected to additional hospital services for COVID related illness: 3
  • Methadone treatment during COVID Lockdown: 6
  • COVID Vaccinations: 31
  • Assistance ( outside of Springfield to substance abuse treatment and re-housing): 4
  • Tax Filings: 7
  • Link Card Applications and Activation: 5
  • Clothing Assistance: 50
  • Referred Assistance to Youth Services Bureau and 5th St. Renaissance: 6
  • Referral to SSVF: 1
  • Referral to Mental Health Treatment: 5
  • Assistance with Job Applications: 1
  • Reported to SPD resident prior listed as a missing person: 1
  • Provided additional emergency warming center shelter for people unable to successfully stay in shelter: 21

Money Spent/Financial Breakdown (Nov 20 - April 23)

 Warming Center Payroll: 

 Final Breakdown: 

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