2021-22 Overflow Shelter Report

Sep 1, 2021

The Salvation Army is working to get the overflow shelter open as part of the Continuum of Care's plan to see a functional end to homelessness in the next five years. Follow along here as the pieces fall into place to make our community a better place.

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Progress being made (As of October 12th, 2021)


  • 8/17/21 City Council approved $477,000 ordinance to fund the operation of the overflow shelter
  • 8/31/21 Contract sent to Salvation Army currently being reviewed by the legal department, awaiting signature
  • 9/21/21 Contract Approved by Territorial Headquarters and Signed off By Divisional Headquarters
  • 10/2/21 Shelter Director, Managers and aides  jobs posted on indeed.com.  Search Salvation Army in Springfield IL.
  • 10/11/21 Interviews continue this week, 2 director candidates scheduled and several evening workers
  • 10/12/21 2 Evening workers hired, one in process. 1 daytime worker Hired 

To Be Done:

  • Collaborate with Continuum of Care partners to establish a plan for day services (9/3/21)
  • Interview and Hire shelter director
  • Interview and Hire night staff
  • Interview and Hire day staff
  • Interview and Hire Pathway of Hope Social worker

Budget Submitted to City Council as part of Continuum's plan

2021 Overflow Shelter Proposed Budget 


Description Propsed
City Funding 402,345
TOTAL INCOME $402,345.00
Management - 3 positions $93,857
Night time staff- 4 positions $75,920
Casework- 1 position $37,543.00
Day time staff - 4 Positions $84,054
Medical & Hospital $29,748.00
FICA Taxes $22,290.00
Workman's Comp $8,088.00
Food Purchased $5,000.00
Office Supplies $500.00
Duplicating/Printing Supplies $500.00
Kitchen Supplies $200.00
Furnishing & Equipment $4,000.00
Clothing Assistance $1,000.00
Support Service $40,234.50
TOTAL EXPENSE $402,934.64

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