Help Relaunch STOP-IT's Drop In Center

Aug 27, 2020


We are excited to announce that we are very close to launching our brand new drop-in center on the North Side for female-identified youth and young adults!

During this health crisis, we are still discerning what re-opening in-person services safely will look like, but we hope to have our new center set up and ready to go for when that day comes! We’ve had so much during this transition. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in getting to this point. If you’re looking for a way to join in and help us with our launch, you can check out the three ways to give below!


  1. Target Wish List

Drop-In Participants have provided thoughtful input to shape the atmosphere and aesthetics of our brand new drop-in space! They have picked out items that they would love to see in their new space on the Target Wishlist Below. In your willingness to donate, please consider choosing one of these items that will be shipped directly to our space. Seeing these items placed in the drop-in center will be a physical reminder of the ownership and purpose participants have in this space.


  1. Financial Giving

We would greatly appreciate financial support, which would go to filling the new space with essential items and decor to ensure the new space is welcoming for all participants. To make a financial contribution, you can click the link below:

For suggested giving amounts, please reference the descriptions of our new drop-in rooms, items needed, and suggested values. Your gifting will go directly toward supplying the center!


*Items depicted are representative and are not actual items to be purchased

The Main Room

This room will welcome folks in and where daily life will take place. It will be a space to relax and watch a movie, for children to play with toys, for sitting and talking on the couch with a peer, and lots of card playing and crafting.

  • Floor Lamp $50 – 2 needed
  • End Table Lamp $20
  • Toy Storage with Cubbies $70
  • Toys $150
  • Area Rug $100
  • Wall Calendar/Bulletin Board $30
  • Picture Frames and Wall Décor $20 – 5 needed
  • Plants & Pots $15 – 3 needed



*Items depicted are representative and are not actual items to be purchased

The Den

Participants are excited to create a peaceful and calming ambiance in the Den. They envision this to be a space to utilize coping skills, work quietly at a computer, read and relax, nurse their children and lay their little ones down for a nap.

  • Floor Lamp $50
  • Desk Lamp $20
  • Area Rug $80
  • Plants and Pots $15 -3 needed
  • Yoga Mats $20- 6 needed
  • Bookshelf $85 – 2 Needed
  • Cot/Pack N Play $65
  • Picture Frame & Wall décor $15 – 3 Needed

*Items depicted are representative and are not actual items to be purchased

Kitchen, Bath, & Laundry

We have a beautiful kitchen space for cooking and eating around the table, a laundry room for participants to wash and dry their belongings, and two private bathrooms. Consider helping us fill these spaces with the essential items below:

  • Clothing racks $30 – 5 Needed
  • Ironing Board $15
  • Iron $25
  • Cleaning Supplies & Laundry Detergent $100
  • Kitchen Mixer $35
  • Cutting Boards $18
  • Silverware $12- 12 needed
  • Utensils $25
  • Pots and Pans $55
  • Plates & Bowls $25- 4 sets needed
  • Cups $15 – 2 sets Needed
  • Coffee Mugs $30- 2 Sets needed
  • Coffee Maker $20
  • Kitchen Towels $10
  • Kitchen Mat $15- 2 Needed
  • Vacuum & Broom $90


  1. Donation Kits for Daily Needs

We are always in need of assistance with daily supplies to upkeep the drop-in center. Explore the on-going opportunities to give below that will help us provide warm meals, hygiene supplies and transportation to survivors every day that we’re open! To provide a donation kit, you can click the donation link and include the type of donation kit you would like to provide in the comments section of the donation page.


          The Gift of a Meal Kit $100

By donating a Meal Kit, you will be gifting the drop-in center with one day of a catered meal or groceries for a home-cooked dish and on-going food supplies!


          Hygiene Supplies Kit $50

A gift of hygiene supplies will ensure that each participant has access to basic hygiene items every time they come to the center.


          Transportation Kit $160

We supply each participant with transportation to get to and from the drop-in center each day they want to attend. A gift of $160 will provide one participant with transportation for one the entire month.

Thank you for your generous support - we couldn't do it without you!


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