Providing a Voice for Those Without

Aug 7, 2017

The Salvation Army STOP-IT program recently co-hosted the nationally renowned annual Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force Conference. The STOP-IT program is a leading partner in this task force alongside the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office and other leading social service agencies that work together on human trafficking cases.

During the two-day sold-out conference, national and international anti-trafficking leaders led seminars on how to spot and stop human trafficking, which includes sex, labor, smuggling and more.

Cook County State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, opened the conference with riveting remarks on her office’s commitment to combating human trafficking throughout Chicagoland. She said that for her, it was personal. She spoke about her years of abuse growing up and her promise to stand up for those who don’t have a voice. She also recognized the STOP-IT Program for it’s true leadership and dedication to victims, families and creating a world-class model.

Topics touched on the neurobiology of trauma and its impact on the brain; corporate responsibility in ensuring the supply chain doesn’t contribute to human trafficking; victim rights; investigative cues to identify potential victims; and more.

Friday’s lunch presentation was on the successful prosecution of Cook County’s first labor-trafficking case, resulting in a six-year prison term and restitution of nearly $50,000. Staff from the STOP-IT program were intimately involved in serving the survivors in this case and were recognized for their efforts by prosecutors Mary Ann Planey and Brigid Brown.

The Salvation Army’s STOP-IT Program provides comprehensive case management services to all survivors of human trafficking and is co-leader of the Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force. STOP-IT works directly with suspected trafficked persons no matter their age, race, gender, immigration status or sexual orientation.

The Salvation Army is committed to combating and stopping human trafficking in its tracks – on all levels. STOP-IT also operates a bi-weekly drop-in, which is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1 – 8 p.m.   For more information on their services and how to stop human trafficking, visit the STOP-IT website.

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