A Message from the Territorial Commander

Aug 16, 2017


Where the world hates and despises, we will love and serve.

Where the world insists on violence, we will look to comfort and to protect.

Where the world dishonors and insults, we will sacrifice our honor to help carry our brother’s burdens.

Where the world oppresses, we will bend down and raise the oppressed.

Where the world refuses justice, we will act in mercy.

Where the world hides behind lies, we will speak for those who can’t and bear testimony to the truth.

As Christian Salvationists, we believe that when injustice rears its ugly head, when people are affected by unfavorable circumstances, when our neighbors have nowhere to turn, when hope has been exhausted, or when hatred and bigotry appear to be winning the day, Jesus still stops, listens and alleviates the burden... and He chooses to do so through you and me.

May His will be done “on earth as it is in heaven,” Matthew 6:10.

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