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Kent County Recovery Housing Coalition

United Methodist Community Health First Step House -- Woman's Home
Contact: Rose Simmons
Phone: 616.452.3226 Ext. 3037
Mailing Address: 904 Sheldon Ave. SE Grand Rapids MI 49507
Home Address: 922 Sheldon Ave. SE Grand Rapids MI 49507

House of Blessings -- Woman's Home
Contact: Shellie Cole-Mickens
Address: 938 Humbolt Street Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Home Address: 918 Hall Street Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Next Phase  -- Woman's Home
Contact: Freddy Martin
Phone: 616.450.0686
Home Address: 368 Senora Ave Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Sacred Beginnings  -- Woman's Homes
Contact: Leslie Borrego
Phone: 616.890.8278
Home Address: 1165 Hermitage SE,Grand Rapids MI. 49506
1366 Elliott SE,Grand Rapids MI. 49507

Step Forward Recovery Homes
Address: Grandville Area
Contact: Jo Ringnalda
Phone: 616.662.0881

The Comfort Home
Address: South East Grand Rapids area
Contact: Ron and Laurie DeBose
Phone: 616.459.1930

My Sister's House (Women in recovery)
Phone: 616.235.0223
Home Address: 761 Bridge Street NW

Recovery Road LLC -- Men's Homes
Contact: Cameron Stockwell
Phone: 616.915.0594
Mailing Address: 961 Alpine NW Grand Rapids Mi 49504
Home Address: 961 Alpine NW Grand Rapids MI 49504
3036 Perry SW Wyoming MI 49519

Hope House  -- Men's Home
Contact: Matt Matlock
Phone: 616.915.4664 or 616.246.6369
Mailing Address: 1036 Alexander SE Grand Rapids MI 49507

Next Phase Recovery  -- Men's Home
Contact: Freddy Martin
Phone: 616.450.0686
Address: 1145 Alexander SE Grand Rapids MI 49507

Recovery Road Charities  -- Two Houses for Men
Address: Alpine and Kentwood locations
Contact: Cameron Stockwell
Phone: 616.915.0594
$433 per month

Faith Charity Recovery Center  -- Couples Home
Address: 2219 Horton Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Contact: Dan or ZoeAnn
Phone: 616.247.4744 or 616.808.5106
$75-$100/ week

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