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Two blue hearts symbolizing human trafficking awareness

How can you stop human trafficking?

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Learn how to recognize the signs of trafficking and get resources to help put an end to this modern form of slavery.

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Hope Marches On

Hope Marches On

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the tornado victims

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The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever and however we can. Our presence in the Central U.S. spans 11 Midwestern states, and is part of a global mission to do good.

Learn About How We Help

Every day we help thousands of people throughout the Midwest. We offer hundreds of unique, local programs that are designed to meet specific local needs. While we offer a vast array of programs and services, everything we do can be condensed into 12 simple service categories.

The Salvation Army is different in every local community

because every local community is different.

How We're Different

We Evolve to Fill the Gaps

We work to understand the needs of each community in which we serve and use our resources in ways that fill gaps without duplicating existing services. Our programs evolve where the community needs them, so we may shine our light as a youth center in one community but as an emergency shelter in another.

We Change Lives, Not Days

We look at the whole person and partner with them to provide a pathway out of poverty by focusing on their capabilities and empowering them to overcome barriers. We offer help for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a person to create a longer-lasting change in their own life and to break the cycle of crisis in their family tree.

We Know We Can't Do It Alone

We've been at it long enough to know that we're only as strong as the relationships we build. That's why we build partnerships, not walls, with other organizations in the communities where we serve. And, it's why we need people like you to join us in the fight for good by giving your time, talent and resources so we can continue serving others.

The Stories We Love to Tell

When someone who has struggled for a season finally closes that chapter of their life, they can feel it in their soul and a peace resides on their face for the first time in years. It's a privilege for us to see that first smile. Words can hardly describe it, but that's what we try to convey in the stories that we share with you. Here are just a few of these stories we love to tell.

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